Total Pallet Management


Total Pallet Management is a broad term that encompasses all facets of your pallet program. These programs include but are not limited to: on and off-site sorting, rental pallet management, dock sweeps, pallet repair, waste wooden pallet removal, report generation, supplemental pallet supply, inventory control, pallet pickup, and a single point of contact.

We believe our business can only grow through the satisfaction of our customers and partners. We pride ourselves at delivering best in class customer service, with a sense of urgency, in every aspect of our operation. Our history and proven track record of managing large and small operations provides our customers with the peace of mind that they are getting the most comprehensive value they can out of their TPM partner.

As a partner, our On-Site TPM Program has proven beneficial for our larger customers. Avid doesn't just buy used pallets, we will analyze your current pallet program to optimize your revenue, floor space, pallet inventory, and provide the staffing which will allow for more productivity from your associates. Avid will create a program tailored specifically for all of your needs. Some of the highlights include:

  • Avid will provide and train a professional staff of associates that will successfully manage the pallet operation at no cost to you
  • Avid takes full responsibility for all staffing, training, scheduling, and monitoring of our on-site associates
  • Avid will supply the necessary forklifts, chargers and all maintenance needed at our own cost
  • Avid will sort out and stage pallets by your standards for reuse in your facility
  • Avid will take full ownership of pool pallet platform relationships
  • This will include communication, logistics, inventory management, and transportation
  • Avid will sort, load, and coordinate returns for all pool platforms to pool pallet providers under your Global ID or Customer Number
  • Avid will dedicate a single point of contact to manage your operation
  • Avid will pay for all 48X40 WW pallets removed from the facility regardless of quality
  • Avid will provide additional services if necessary

You’re ready to get going. We’re ready to get started.