Where To Buy New Pallets


Do you need to to buy pallets? Avid Pallet is a leading manufacturer and distributor of new wooden pallets.

We specialize in manufacturing and selling heavy duty stringer pallets. Each of our wooden stringer pallets is made from hardwood or pine and is machine built to ensure a consistent quality pallet that holds up to meet the needs of your business. Our standard-size machine-built pallet is a 48x40 stringer pallet, but our manufacturing machinery can be adjusted to produce other sizes of stringer pallets to meet the specific needs of your business. 

At Avid Pallet, we heat treat each of our wooden pallets in specialized heat treating chambers manufactured by SII Dry Kilns, one of the top heat chamber manufacturers in the industry. Our unique heat treating process ensures our wooden pallets are built to last and conform to the quality standards established by the National Wooden Pallet Container Association (NWPCA), which Avid Pallet is a member. 

We also partner with companies like Waste Management to ensure all of the wood waste from our pallet manufacturing process is recycled instead of ending up in landfills as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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<h1>Where To Buy New Pallets</h1>

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