Pallet Mulching

Mulch/ Recycling Process

We mulch and recycle pallets that can no longer be repaired as part of our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and avoid filling landfills with pallets. Schedule a pick up of unused pallets.

Pallet Scrap Pickup

Scrap Pallet Pick Up

We pay fair market price for pallets that are no longer used or wanted. Have pallets pilling up? Schedule a pickup.

Heat Treatment Pallets

Heat Treatment

Heat treated pallets are required for international shipments. Our pallet heat treatment process consists of heating pallets to at least 140° for at least 30 minutes. This process ensures we meet IPPC standards then stamped for verification.

AVID Pallet Stenciling and Branding


Looking to stencil your company name on pallets? We can personalize pallets for your company for a custom, professional look.

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AVID Pallets is your leading pallet services provider in the Midwest

AVID Pallet Services is a leading pallet supplier and manufacturer across the midwest for over 20 years.

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