Avid Pallet Services, LLC Company History

In July 2002, Avid Pallet was launched by Ken and Diane Hendricks as a business unit of ABC Supply in Beloit, WI. Avid Pallet was created in order to take part in the wood pallet recycling program. In January 2008, Avid Pallet was divested from ABC Supply and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hendricks Holding Co. At that time, Avid Pallet changed its name to Avid Pallet Services, LLC. At which point, the company started out fairly small focusing on brokerage, custom and the remanufacturing of pallets. In the process, the company has expanded and grown to be a $20 million enterprise serving various companies supply chain needs with quality affordable pallets throughout the Upper Midwest and the eastern and western seaboards.

Avid Pallet Services, LLC success has been built on the simplest of ideas; provide quality products and services that are competitively priced while providing total transparency with the pallet counts and timely payment to our vendors.

2002 – Avid Pallet was launched as a business unit of ABC Supply Co. Inc.

2003 – Expanded our operations into Manufacturing Specialty Pallets.

2006 – Expanded operations into Standardized pallet sizes.

2007 – Diversified pallet operations with focus going towards standard pallet sizes for sustainability.

2008 – Avid Pallet divested from ABC Supply Co. Inc. and become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hendricks Holding Co.
Began on-site Total Pallet Management (TPM) and our 1st National Account.
Avid Pallet changed its’ name to Avid Pallet Services, LLC.

2010 – Opened a pallet repair facility in Northeast Wisconsin.

2011 – Acquired our 2nd TPM National Account

2015 – Opened a pallet repair facility in Rhode Island to optimize services for customers on the east coast.
Vice President of Procurement was hired to expand our TPM business while exposing a greater presence on the East Coast.
Avid Pallet is providing product or services across the continental 48 states with a heavy presence on the east and west coast while maintaining our roots in the Midwest.

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