Environmental Stability

A Pallet Company That's Green Focused

Avid cares deeply about the environment and is committed to the conservation of natural resources
Avid’s mission is to positively impact as many people, environments, sites, processes and communities as possible through constant efforts of recycling and reusing pallets
Avid has an extensive wood waste recycling program that eliminates wood materials from being sent to the landfill
Our core business is focused on the procurement, refurbishment and sale of used pallets. Our pallet refurbishment and recycling business allows one of our pallets to be used and reused by our customers multiple times, and results in a more efficient and cost-effective use of our natural resources. Instead of discarding used pallets in a landfill, the refurbished pallets are used to transport products to all sectors of the U.S. economy

AVID Pallet Services is a leading pallet supplier and manufacturer across the midwest for over 20 years.

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